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Automated Compliance Workflow

Merlin digital workflow systems may look different for different clients. But they all work in a similar fashion. We start with a problem that almost always involves a distributed user base. We then develop a workflow process to address that problem. From there we determine what the needs are at every stage of the review process and fold that into the mix. From there we add user security, to make sure users can only access and interact with the right data, and cutomizable reports, so that administrators can track the process of their workflow at every stage of the game.

What can I use it for?

For almost everything that involves people, paper and work processes, and particularly when the people are spread out across different offices, states or countries.

In a legal environment, you might consider the following ideas:

  • Limit or replace manual and paper-based processes for all work processes

  • Centralize and streamline the review and approval process for legal requests

  • Track and summarize requests that needed to route through multiple departments before approval

  • Manage vendors and contractors to ensure compliance and provide proper approvals

  • Meet compliance and regulatory requirements

  • Improve the flow of approvals and documentation

  • Improve internal audit controls

  • Eliminate redundancies and consolidate internal services

Here are some of the systems we have build for our clients over the past twenty years.



Our client is one of the largest insurers in the world. Many of its larger matters are put out for reinsurance with other larger insurers. At least annually the reinsurers would travel to New York to review the files. This not only involved travel time and expense, but it required our client to collect and move the files to a conference room for review. Security concerns also required our client to post an employee to supervise the review. And, if the reinsurer wanted to see other documents, the employees had to track them down and make them available.

We built a digital workflow system to automate the process. When a reinsurer needs to review documents, it can all be done online without need for travel or advance coordination. If the reinsurer does not see a needed document in the files, they can request it from the system directly. The system then sends a message to the appropriate department representative who secures the document and the necessary approval to share it.

Timeshare Advertising review

Timeshare marketing is carefully regulated by every state in the union. As a result, timeshare ads must be carefully reviewed to ensure they comply with the laws of every state where the ad might be viewed.

Our client was the largest timeshare marketing company in the world. They were buried under a manual process of routing timeshare ads across internal departments and then getting them approved by outside counsel. Often this would involve multiple concurrent reviews by different lawyers with different expertise.

Our team build a digital workflow system that automated the entire process. After creating a promotion, the marketing department could initiate a review process and send it around for review with a mouse click. Depending on coverage and complexity, the review could be completed within hours or days, contrasting sharply with older manual methods requiring paper copies and couriers.

Environmental claims portal

Large construction projects typically come with environmental risks. Insurance is a key way to mitigate that risk, but the right policies need to be in place at the right time.

Our client provided environmental insurance to large REITs (real estate investment trusts). They needed a workflow portal to manage insurance requests, policy negotiations and claims administration. All of it was done manually through phone calls, email and faxes.

The team built an environmental portal, which managed the workflow around the approval process from start to finish. When the portal was deployed in the late-2000s, all of the insurers clients could access the portal to manage their environmental insurance needs. From initiation of new coverage (after closing on a new building) through payment, policy and claims, the process was entirely digital. The result was speed, efficiency, cost savings and reduced chance of a coverage lapse.


Verdict and appeal Tracking

Insurance companies have to manage a lot of litigation, with adverse verdicts and appeals an important part of the process. Our client was tracking these outcomes across fifty states and in different jurisdictions around the world. Determining whether and when to appeal or defend an appeal is an important step. Miss a deadline and it can be costly.

We built a digital workflow system to allow the client to manage its verdict and appeals process. Attorneys and adjusters could enter verdicts with appropriate deadlines for appeals (filing or responding). Managers and executives could track appeal process while determining whether to settle or push on. The system made the process run smoothly, saving in time, costs while eliminating mistakes.

Labor case management

National supermarket chains face their share of labor claims, no matter how hard they try. Accidents, disagreements, terminations and even labor grievances are a natural part of the landscape. Litigation is just inevitable.

One of our first projects was to build a workflow system to help the labor department keep track of claims, issues and other types of disputes raised by their work force. The system allowed administrators to track the lifecycle of each claim, draft form responses, calendar events and report across matters and jurisdictions.

Because the system was web based, labor counsel and managers could review and participate in the claims from start to finish with better and fairer results across the board.

Excess claims analysis

Our client had an extensive review program for its larger claims. The adjuster was required to fill out more than 30 fields of data in a Word table for each matter with a reserve above as certain limit. Once the form was completed, it was printed and handed to their supervisor for approval.

When the form was approved, it then had to be reviewed by as many as five senior managers and executives at the company, with the CEO handling the largest matters. Once the review was approved (hand signatures by each), the printed copy was boxed and stored. Nothing could be searched, no reports generated.

Our system automated the process from beginning to end. The client now searches across the claims and uses the software to generate claims reports for QC and analysis.