We Partner with You . . .

“Merlin is a partner-centric company. We will work with you to deliver the compliance workflow your clients need. You have my word on it. ”

—John Tredennick, Founder and CEO

Digital workflow requires more than just software or hosting operations. It starts with a deep understanding of client needs and a plan to address those needs through workflow design. That part of the equation can be harder than building the software to meet the design.

Merlin is a technology company. While we have workflow expertise, we are not a consulting shop and look to our partners to help meet client needs. We invite you to apply to our partnership program and work together with us to design, build and support these workflow systems. Our clients will be better off with a team that includes people who are close by and know their business needs.


The Merlin team has been partner centric for the past two decades at Catalyst. While Catalyst served some clients directly, it worked primarily through a global partner channel to meet a broader range of client needs. Merlin is dedicated to its partner channel as well.

While it was led by John Tredennick as CEO, Catalyst never once let down a partner nor went behind its back to solicit client business. If you join the Merlin network, you have our word we will treat you well. After all, a united team will provide the best solution to our clients which means we all succeed.

Become a Partner

Hey there. If you are thinking about becoming a Merlin partner, fill out this form. We will get back to you right away. Or contact us at partners@merlindm.com. We look forward to working with you and providing the best possible software and services to your clients.