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Making Magic
Building Dreams

Software is the Magic of the 21st Century

In the days of Camelot, Merlin conjured magic for King Arthur and his Knights of the Roundtable. While the magic seemed real, it was mostly an artful combination of chemistry and knowhow. Turns out the wizardry of the medieval world wasn’t magic at all. It just looked that way.

Software is the magic of the twenty-first century. When Siri gives us turn-by-turn directions, it seems like magic. When Google instantly finds what we need, it feels like magic. Deep down, we know it isn’t magic, just well-written software running over a network. But it might as well be.

Making Magic

At Merlin, we make “digital magic.” Specifically, we develop secure, cloud-based software to help corporations and law firms improve legal processes and automate compliance efforts. In this case the magic is real. Our systems automate the compliance process, reduce the risk of human mistakes, and save on costs compared to older, inefficient manual methods.

Building Dreams

We work with dreamers, people who want to make legal processes more efficient and effective. They are innovators, who run the best legal departments and law firms in the world. Their goal is to redesign legal process and implement systems that automate compliance-driven workflow across offices, organizations and oceans.

Offering Wizardry

Merlin is new, but the team is not. We bring over twenty years of experience into the mix, with deep legal expertise backed by software engineers who are experts in cloud-based review workflow and document management. At our prior company, we built and hosted ediscovery and compliance workflow systems for many of the largest companies and law firms in the world.

Let’s Talk

Our clients know the problems they face. Most already have ideas on how to fix them. What they lack is a savvy team of software developers to turn their plans into reality. And an experienced operations crew to host their software securely in the cloud.

We can help turn ideas into digital reality, with systems your organization can put to work right away. Give us a call or send an email to start a conversation. Let’s find out whether our secure, cloud-based compliance software might provide the right “magic” for your organization as well.

Founder and CEO John Tredennick

Founder and CEO John Tredennick

Merlin is a cloud software development company that helps corporations and law firms manage legal and regulatory compliance.

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The Merlin team has been building and hosting software since the mid-nineties to help corporations and law firms improve legal processes and automate compliance.
— John Tredennick, Founder and CEO