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We formed Merlin because we are passionate about building secure, digital workflow software for litigation and regulatory compliance. Over the past two decades, our team built one of the leading e-discovery and analytics platforms. And, we have developed a wide range of compliance workflow software for some of the largest companies in the world.

We bring the skills and the passion to make every project a success, with a money-back guarantee to back it up. And, we have a little magic up our sleeves when we need it.

We typically build software on a fixed-fee basis. Our reasoning is two-fold.

First, a fixed-fee price takes the mystery out of our work. If we agree on a price, we will stick to it. You both know what to expect and have the opportunity to decide in advance that the project is worth it.

Second, it puts us on the same team. Once we have agreed on a price, we can both work together to make the project a success. the time we take to do it is our problem, not yours. Our reputation and continued livelihood depends on us making you happy. Satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.

We are happy to host and support the project and to keep it up to date for as long as you like. We can also turn over the keys and the code to you. We deploy in the public cloud which allows us to turn the software over to you or to assist you with running it within your domain. We are fine with whatever approach works best for you.

Our end goal is to help clients clients improve legal processes and meet regulatory obligations, saving money and reducing compliance risks in the bargain. That will lead to more business with you and hopefully referrals to others.

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