Compliance Software
for Legal Innovators


Making Magic, Building Dreams

We make “digital magic” for innovative legal departments and law firms. Our forte is designing software to help legal teams automate workflow and streamline compliance. We host our systems securely in the cloud, so clients don’t have to manage complex hardware and software themselves.

Offering wizardry

We combine deep legal expertise with a savvy team of software engineers and operations professionals. Our job, simply put, is to help make dreams happen, turning ideas into digital reality through well-crafted software. That’s digital magic.

Merlin is new but the team is not. We bring over two decades of legal software design to our engagements, having built our first legal workflow systems in the mid-1990s. We specialize in document review workflow with systems that combine rules-based workflow, search, review and analytics. Over the years, we have built and hosted e-discovery and compliance systems for many of the largest legal departments and law firms in the world.

Calling all dreamers

We work with dreamers, people who want to make legal processes more efficient and cost effective. Our clients are innovators, many of whom run the best legal departments and law firms in the world. They are driven to improve compliance workflow and automate repetitive tasks. They look to us to provide an experienced team who can build out their ideas.

Let’s Talk

If you are a legal innovator, or are part of a legal organization that wants to become more efficient and effective, let’s have a conversation. We can help turn your ideas into reality, with software you can put to work across offices, organizations and oceans. Give us a call or send an email to start a conversation. We will make sure that the right wizards make the right magic for your organization.

John Tredennick
Founder and CEO
Merlin Digital Magic, Inc.


“We help legal innovators make digital magic.”

John Tredennick  |  Founder & CEO



The Merlin Compliance Platform

Merlin has built a powerful, yet flexible document review platform to automate compliance and other legal processes. Although our initial projects are bespoke, we are building the platform as a series of mix and match components that can be configured to address a wide variety of compliance and legal automation needs.


We can customize the Merlin Platform to fit most compliance and legal process needs, and provision it for speed and redundancy to meet operational requirements. Cloud-based, the system can operate 24/7, or be configured to run during business hours and spin down when not needed—at reduced operating costs. Run the application and store its underlying data in your chosen region: the U.S., E.U., Asia-Pacific, and South America.